Advanced Clinic - Pitching & Catching 
November 5, 2018 (VA school holiday)

Take advantage of the school holiday (November 5th) and join Ritchie Jacobs and Sydney Broderick for one of two advanced clinics (that will combine at the end). Click here to register.

Date & Times:
Monday, November 5th

$160 for Non Members (2-hours)
$140 for Members (2-hours)

To register for either clinic, please sign up here. If you are a member, please make sure to choose the "MEMBERS ONLY" option.

Pitching - Advanced Movement - Led by Ritchie Jacobs

  • Demonstration of rise, drop, screw and curve

  • Identification and focus on “your pitch” (focus on one of the aforementioned)

  • How & where to locate a moving pitch

  • Importance & focus on form

  • How to setup a movement pitch

Catching - Advanced Setup - Led by Sydney Broderick

  • Receiving (movement pitches)

  • Transfer

  • Pop-time

  • Blocks

General Notes:

  • 4 players in each session

  • Both sessions are designed for advanced players. If you have any questions about how to define "advanced", please call us... Generally speaking, you should have been playing travel ball (A/B) and had personal coaching for 2+ years.

  • 90 minutes dedicated positional training

  • 30 minutes combined (pitchers working w/ catchers)

  • We are hoping to maintain even numbers so pitchers will NOT need to supply their own catchers, but we would encourage you to invite "your catcher" to register for the catching session.